Holistic fitness sessions with a
feel good vibe

Want more than a gym can give?

Haven’t exercised in ages?

Need a fresh start?

Join Berowra’s favourite fitness community and see how group exercise can get you fit, strong and healthy inside and out. Train to your own capacity alongside a group of locals coached by an expert fitness trainer, Bas Green.

A mix of conditioning, strength and pilates-based sessions challenge your body, strengthen underused muscles and prevent injury. Plus, you get access to a down-to-earth nutritionist with online and face-to-face support to keep your eating on track.

Whatever your ability, injuries or fitness, my group training is tailored to meet you where you’re at.

Group fitness
for adults
and teens

Conditioning, strength
and pilates-style

Nutrition workshops
+ ebook for
all members

No lock-in
contract or
joining fee

Berowra group fitness

No matter your fitness level, weight, strength, injuries or weakness, Bas caters for everyone. His amazingly varied sessions incorporate different exercises and the latest equipment. Training has become a place where I work out and enjoy the camaraderie of an awesome coach and a fantastic community.

Micaela Roy