Berowra group fitness training

If you’re searching for a local exercise option that gives you…

  • Strength, conditioning and injury prevention
  • Guidance through carefully programmed movements
  • Structure, accountability and routine
  • No-nonsense nutrition help for busy people
  • Camaraderie and connection of being part of a community

You’ll love my group fitness and pilates-sessions.

This ain’t a boot camp…

It’s so much more.

Every session is thoughtfully planned to maximise your time and avoid injury. I apply science and experience training professional athletes with a surprising array of equipment to create an exercise experience you won’t find anywhere else.

You’ll always be challenged with a work out that’s tailored for your fitness level. I can easily cater for injuries, pregnancy and post-baby recovery by modifying sessions so you can continue to train safely.

RRR pilates-style sessions

RRR stands for rehabilitate, restore, release. Based on pilates movements, RRR sessions give you increased flexibility and mobility, a more stable core, strengthens underused muscles and self-massage to help with:

  • Better posture
  • Improved freedom of movement
  • Injury prevention

RRR sessions can reduce your tightness, stiffness and pain.

Your BAS membership gives you unlimited fitness and RRR sessions each week.


Group fitness and pilates sessions are held in Berowra and run for one hour.







Early morningEarly morningEarly morningEarly morningEarly morningEarly morning
Mid morningMid morning
Mid morning
Mid morning
Mid morning
Lunch Lunch
Unlimited fitness sessions $450/10 weeks

Group fitness sessions run in 10 week blocks.

What’s included:

  • Technical coaching from a qualified strength and conditioning coach
  • An hour of exercise, mobility and injury prevention in a group setting
  • Nutrition education – ebook and workshops with nutritionist and naturopath Olivia McFadyen 
  • Access to a member’s only Facebook group
  • Fun, challenging fitness sessions with some laughs thrown in

Enquire now and I’ll email you the full timetable and details to join.

I’ve been training with Bas for around 5 years. The variety of training is never ending and always challenging. Bas always tailors every session taking my injury limitations into account. I highly recommend to anyone of any fitness level.

Clare Nash